7th December, 2006

…lightrail, headed southwest, around 2pm. I noticed some interesting shadows and light movement on a wall I was facing when light passed through a window that had been scratched. I haven’t edited this at all. i held my cameraphone (nokia 6682) still while filming. i find it interesting to watch as a portrait of various elements and their movements within an environment that includes me, but focused on a surface that allows me to experience them abstractly. The information within the environment is focused on the wall, that wall is a sort of screen that permits me to observe some of the information in the space – the wall is also a “channel” in that it is capable of containing specific amounts or types of data – what i see on the wall is a subset of the information focused on my body, another surface, another channel. suddenly space seemed to be more about area than volume – an array of surfaces/channels, each with its own tuning that allows various elements to become focused/observable/information as they resonate “there”. a geometry not about space but about information? “light” as space, “temperature” as space, “density” as space…

last night, while headed home on the lightrail, i watched these on my phone and they created an interesting collage with the “live” elements within the train. there were many blurry moments, based in large part on the relationship of the recorded sound to the live sound. might be interesting to view this while traveling in other systems.

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