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URBANtells, ISEA Zero1, '06

San Jose, Ca

map 1, just nodes, no walkers

map 2

map 3

map 4


The handheld turned out to be an ipaq, h2210 with a gps unit (Sd-502), along with a java app that handled the data from the gps unit, and an app written in Python that did most of the work. Above are links to a few examples of walks users took, and links to the interview excerpts they heard along the way. In addition to the interviews, when users approached the locations where the interviews would play, they would pass through an ambient mix of sounds culled from urban areas all over the world. In the near future I'll upload those clips as well - along with some more detailed information on how the piece worked. In brief, working with python on the ipaq was great. The reason for the java app was that the serial module for python wasn't working, supposedly it is now fixed. The jvm we used was called mysaifu - and it is free.

more soon -