Please find:

small, wireless camera

small, black cube with antenna on top

wireless receiver for camera

silver rectangle with antenna

raise the antenna for better reception

8v power adaptor with black tape over red led

**super important that you use the correct power supply for the receiver

yellow RCA cable


12V 4amp power adaptor

RCA to mini cable adaptor

r/c car

antenna for transmitter is loose in the box, needs to be attached to transmitter

when car is on, white LEDs are also on

turn car on via switch near battery compartment

**we lost the screw for the batter compartment for the car, might want to but some tape around it before the show

rechargeable batteries + charger

(2) Engergizer rechargers - the one with the piece of black tape might be a little flakey.

(9) AAs

(2) 9vs

*the 9vs are awful, they last about 10 mins with the camera, just use them for testing

**all the batteries should be fully charged... but charge them just to be safe - because they aren't very good, sadly...


wind-up, its set to 72bpm (average heart rate) - feel free to change it. Idea is to have an occasional rhythm during the performance.


a prop (no need to exchange them)

carrying case

for transporting all of the objects you choose to use during the performance

so part of what the performance entails will be taking the objects out of this small case.


feel free to select/curate the object you'd like to work with during the exchange/transaction. The materials are made from a combination of 3d printing using bio-degradeable plastic (specifically PLA), Bismuth, Lead, Fool's gold, and paper.







Headset/Camera notes


Use lamp as needed.

Fresh 9v battery for performance - should last 15-20 mins - but do a rehearsal with a fresh battery to make sure. Don't use the rechargables we sent - because they suck, better to use a non-rechargeable 9v or if someone has a good rechargeable please use that.

Have a couple of fresh 9v nearby just in case...

When the battery is about to die the image from the camera gets very glitchy, monochrome, interesting.

The camera works best within 20 feet of the receiver - it seems to be a line of sight kind of thing.

The camera will get warm, that's ok.

We attache the camera and battery to the lamp with the yellow rubber bands.

The angle of the lamp is adjustable - feel free to adjust during the performance.


Order of turning camera and projector on.

1. Turn on the camera

**Be very careful when connecting the 9v to the camera.

Best to disconnect the plug for the 9v from the camera first.

Attach the battery to the clip,

Then connect the plug to the camera.

2. Turn on the receiver (silver rectangle with antenna)

3. Connect the Video out RCA from the receiver to the Video in RCA to mini adaptor for the projector

4. Turn on projector.

It will probably show you a Menu window

Press the button on the projector near the tape/marker we put on the top of it.

The projector will cycle through various inputs looking for a signal.

If it doesn't find the stream from the camera either:

the battery for the camera is dead

the camera is too far away from the projector

you need to adjust the tuning knob on the receiver to find the frequency of the camera

it's a cheap, flakey wireless camera and we like that... so the picture will be a little glitchy, that's ok...