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Catalyst Euterpe was conceived as a series of events and objects based on the Seikilos Epitaph.

At the core of the project is a meditation on culture as a practice of renewal and variation through a relationship between ancient themes (eternal/artifact) and modern technology (ephemeral/artefact).

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music (featuring Carlotta Buiatti)
interview about the project on Cosmos Radio, NYC.
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For this first installation we had two elements: a collaborative, networked performance with artist/vocalist Carlotta Buiatti and artist Fabiola Faidiga, entitled Catalyst Euterpe/Through the Waves, that took place on November 18, 2018 in the Hydrodynamic Station of the Trieste Old Port, and a sculptural installation composed of 3d resin prints, video, and sound, that was exhibited at the Fesival di Art e Robotica curated by Maria Campitelli at the Hydrodynamic Station of the Trieste Old Port during November 2018.

A future performance of Catalyst Euterpe/Through the Waves is scheduled for March, 2019 in Malchina, Italy as part of L’ENERGIA DEI LUOGHI, curated by Fabiola Faidiga and Casa C A V A.

The sculptural installation included two 3d prints in resin, based on the Seikilos Epitaph and Antikythera mechanism, video, and music.

Below is information about each of the elements of the installation.

About the original objects:
The Seikilos Stele and its inscriptions.
The Antikythera Mechanism.

About the relaltionship between the Antikythera Mechanism and Seikilos Epitaph within Catalyst Euterpe.

About the objects within the installation.

About the music/link to our composition.

About the video/link to the video.