Gallery Hut Fall ’07

Sam Sheffield and I made this gallery hut a few weeks ago. It was situated in a wide and well-traveled hallway. The exterior is thick construction paper attached to a PVC frame via green twine. We had developed various objects to place inside the hut and planed to rotate them during the course of the exhibit. We also planned to have visitors leave marks on the inside walls. Our plans were changed when we were abruptly asked to either change the shape and location of the piece or remove it the night before the opening of the show.

The black, latex blobs had Mylar balloons inside of them that had small bells, shells, plastic easter eggs filled with seeds and ping-pong balls. I partially inflated the Mylar balloons inside the latex so that the loose objects rolled around as if in some sort of maze – it felt interesting and made some nice sounds. Sam made the paper books, which were blank inside so that visitors could write or draw.

The piece was up for five days, and we were, fortunately, able to document some people experiencing the piece prior to its removal.

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