OPEN CALL: Networked at Aferro

Deadline February 30, 2008

Networked at Gallery Aferro
Curated in the New Media Room by Donna Kessinger
April 19-May 17, 2008

“This is an open call for artwork which can be described as networked.
Whether it is connected on the net, or by physical connectors – I am
looking for networked art.

This can be an installation, a projection, monitor based – you tell me
how it is networked. Materials can range from cell phones and GPS,
to ordinary objects connected via wireless network.

Known as Networked Art the projects are based between art and
commerce, and sometimes blur the lines. Projects can explore social
interactions, can function as public art(documentation),
other projects can follow a more traditional fine-arts model.”

DVDs sent to:
Gallery Aferro c/o Emma Wilcox + Evonne M Davis
248 Sherman Ave #43 NY NY 10034

email submissions or questions to: