palin can win!

i really don’t think she wants to be vp anymore.

she isn’t acting like a candidate for vp, she’s acting more like someone who believes they are simply cooler, cuter, and wittier than they really are, and if given a microphone is willing prove that for our amusement until we get bored and stop watching.

i seriously think that over the last week she has realized that she can’t bullshit her way around her lack of knowledge and interest in the things that viable candidates for national, political office need to know, and her response seems to be offering even less evidence of knowledge and interest in these areas, and more hockey mom persona.

her most recent katie couric interview, where she confidently refused to specify anything she reads, and her recent campaign stop appearance where she similarly eschewed knowledge in favor of down home flavor are glowing examples.

if she genuinely cared about the world beyond her self and her family, and took her candidacy for VP seriously, and especially after the last week she’s had, she’d be working hard to make her views on political, national, international, and social issues more clear – she’d be working hard to let us know how much she really cares about all of us (an example of this would be to figure out a way to work with the media to get her message across, instead of clumsily demonizing them and shutting down), how qualified she really is, how seriously she takes this opportunity, and how hard she’ll work for us if she’s elected.

not happening.

instead, she seems recently to be turning this presidential campaign into an application for an extension of her fifteen minutes of fame.

she seems to care mostly about her self and her family. i think she now doesn’t believe she’s going to win and she’s now trying to figure out how what she can come away with to improve her and her family’s life when it’s over. i question her commitment to the ideals of bettering of our world through government service, and i think the reception she’s received as a politician from the lower 48 will leave a bad taste in her mouth, and in future voter’s mouths.

based on her recent behavior she seems about to temporarily hijack the campaign and turn it into a platform from which to launch the sarah palin show, a soon-to-be much anticipated summer fill-in coming soon. i really think something like this is her current target, and i think she’ll feel like she has indeed won if something like this comes to pass.

if we’ll be able to control the influence she has over our lives by simply changing a channel then i’ll feel like we won, too.