transient, still

from of light like intervals, lili and my recent solo exhibit on martha’s vineyard, august 2011.

suspended from the ceiling, in the middle of the gallery, transient, still uses custom software to analyze live input from an iSight, and attempts to recreate what it sees using a limited palette of mono-chromatic ellipses. when the software concludes that is has created a reasonable facsimile of what it has registered through its camera, the program pauses to present the composition rendered by the software through an LED projector that shines its images through a construction of small motors, and copper/monofilament wire onto a piece of mylar.

the shade of the ellipses indicate the relative brightness of the objects in the scene.

the background color shifts between orange, yellow, blue, and green.

the computer running the software sat on the floor above the gallery. the piece was connected to that computer through the visible opening in the ceiling.

one theme of this exhibit was the transformation of kinetics into electro-luminescence and back. this work, situated in the middle of the exhibit, was composed of aspects of all of the works around it – from materials to variants on code, and was based on a feedback loop where, in real time, light becomes motion and motion becomes light.

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