traversal53, the night time is the right time

traversal53, lili maya & james rouvelle

thanks to everyone who came to see to our new project over the weekend, it was great to see you! we posted a lot of images, and just uploaded some video documentation. we’re also happy that scrapworm is sharing the space with us.

if you took pictures please upload them to flickr with the tag traversal53, we’d love to see them. if you don’t use flickr, please send us a link. we’ll be making a digital book about the project at the end of the exhibit and are very interested in including your images. see the post below for more information.

the project runs 24/7, but it seems that after 8pm is an optimal time to visit, as its dark and the street vendors are gone.

while researching the donnell we found these photos of the collection being prepared for re{dis}location/scanning, and the site changing to its current, transient state – central themes of our project.