surface-active agent on myrtle ave w/ lili maya

lili and i installed our new project, surface-active agent, at 3 stars laundry on myrtle ave in brooklyn last week as part of an exhibit on ephemera and overlooked details of the city street, curated by christina vassallo.

the piece presented various constructed and active transflective surfaces. an example of transflection is the surface of a window where one can look through while observing reflections at the same time. surface-active agent is a composition of transflective picture planes on the exterior and interior surfaces of the laundromat.

the audio was recorded with the video, and the first video above is an unedited montage of moments from the exhibit. the second, shorter clip is an additional sequence that didn’t make it into the longer series.

for more info, stills, and selected short sequences please visit our site, or our vimeo channel.